Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Ashmont Cycles located?

Ashmont Cycles is near the Ashmont station on the Redline.  We are a full-service bicycle shop in Dorchester that also serves the surrounding communities, including: Boston, Quincy, Canton, Jamaica Plain, Milton, South Boston, Cambridge, Newton, Somerville, Brookline, Hyde Park, and Roslindale.

  • What brands of bicycles do you carry?

Ashmont Cycles is an authorized dealer for Fuji Bikes, Breezer Bikes, Linus Bikes, Sun Bicycles and Tuesday Bicycles.  We can also set you up on a cargo bike from Xtracycle or Yuba. 

  • Do you repair bikes?

We repair all makes and models of bicycles. Bring your bike to the shop for a free estimate.

  • Do I need an appointment to bring a bike in for repair?

Generally, no, you do not need an appointment.  Bring your bike to the shop during business hours and we will discuss with you what the bike needs, give you a free estimate and inform you of the date when we would schedule to work on the bike.  If it is a small repair, we might be able to finish it that day, but you may have to leave the bike with us for larger jobs.

  • Can you give me an estimate over the telephone as to how much it will cost to fix my bike?

No, we cannot give you an estimate over the telephone.  In order to determine what your bike needs and give you the most accurate estimate of the cost, we need to examine your bike. 

  • Do you repair e-bikes?

We can usually repair the traditional non-electronic components of e-bikes.  We do not work on the electronic components of e-bikes, and we recommend that you contact the manufacturer if those parts of your e-bike need repair.

  • Do you offer bike repair classes?

If you would like to learn how to repair a flat tire and perform other common adjustments and maintenance, we can schedule a private tutorial session for a fee.  These sessions can be for one person or many people.  Please contact us if this interests you.

  • Do you pack bikes for travel?

Yes, we do.  We can also arrange for the bike to be shipped, but most customers arrange for their bike to be shipped with  They provide great service at much less cost.  We can pack the bike, and you then arrange for bikeflights to pick-up the packed bike here.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  

  • Can you help to fit me onto a bike?

Yes, we can help you to find a bike that fits you best, set the correct saddle height and, if necessary, recommend adjustments to your stem, handlebars or pedals.

  • I am interested in cycling for exercise, relaxation or commuting.  Can you offer advice and products to help me pursue my interest?

Absolutely.  Ashmont Cycles offers bikes and accessories for all types of cycling.  Moreover, if you are new to cycling, or returning to it, we are happy to answer questions you might have about how to get started.

  • Do you rent bikes?

Unfortunately, no, we do not rent bicycles.